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This is a fun little meme I stole from Lameyxx, who you should visit because she posts some fun book stuff. Obviously, this is supposed to be done over the course of several days, but I have the attention span of a Jack Russell terrier so I’m doing it all now.

Day 1 – Your favorite book and why

If I can only choose one, it’s The Faerie Queene, hands down. It’s full of violence and adventure and sex; it has literally everything you could want in a book.

Day 2- A quote from said book

A gentle Knight was pricking on the plaine,
Ycladd in mightie armes and silver shielde,
Wherein old dints of deepe wounds did remaine,
The cruel markes of many’a bloudy fielde;
Yet armes till that time did he never wield:
His angry steede did chide his foming bitt,
As much disdayning to the curbe to yield:
Full jolly knight he seemd, and faire did sitt,
As one for knightly giusts and fierce encounters fitt.

Day 3- Your favorite author and favorite book by them

My favorite author might be William Faulkner, and my favorite book of his right now is As I Lay Dying. It’s one of the funniest books I’ve ever read.

Day 4- Your favorite book from your childhood

I loved the hell out of Little Women when I was in elementary school, and I was crazy about the Scary Stories books, too.

Day 5- Guilty pleasure book

The House of Night series. The writing is horrific; the characters relay stories to each other multiple times, word-for-word; one day of limited action takes 100 pages. But I keep wanting to know what happens next. It’s like I’m afraid something good is going to happen 10 pages after I finally give up.

Day 6- If you were stranded on a desert island, what book would you want?

Maybe The Faerie Queene, because I couldn’t imagine ever getting bored with that. I would also accept The Perks of Being a Wallflower because it’s amazing. I could probably read it 100 times.

Day 7- Favorite movie adaptation of a book

Carrie. It’s the only case I can come up with off the top of my head where the movie is actually far better than the book is, and the book is also wonderful.

Day 8- Favorite quote from any book

There are way too many, so I’m going with this one right now because a friend just quoted it a few minutes ago in a text message:

“… and in that moment, I swear we were infinite.” – The Perks of Being a Wallflower

Day 9- What are you currently reading?

A Game of Thrones

Day 10- Write a review of the last book you read

I’ll quickly tell you what I thought. A Visit from the Goon Squad was definitely a fun read. It read more like a book of short stories than any of the reviews I read had indicated. Jennifer Egan is a badass, but I don’t recommend it to anyone who is not really into short stories.

Day 11- Favorite book you had to read for school

For high school, Catch-22.

For college, impossible to say, but perhaps the most surprisingly delightful was The Puttermesser Papers.

Day 12- Favorite classic

Maybe Frankenstein? Or Wuthering Heights? Or are we talking, like, The Odyssey? Because I’m not really down with The Odyssey.

Day 13- Favorite poet

I know I’m a horrible person, but I’m not really into poetry. I guess I have to go with Baudelaire if not Spenser.

Day 14- Post your favorite poem

Since I already used The Faerie Queene, now I’ll say “La Belle Dame Sans Merci.” Off the top of my head.

Day 15- Recommend 5 books to your lovely followers :)

No problem! The following books are not necessarily among the books read by generally well-read people, but they should be!

Blankets (graphic novel)
When You Reach Me (young adult)
Titus Andronicus (drama)
Prep (misleadingly uninterestingly girly cover)
The Exorcist (thriller/horror)